Friday, March 5, 2010


I am going organic in my meat and my latest crush confirms I am doing the right thing. "TERRIFYING The avg piece of chicken has 266% more fat than it did in 1971, while its protein content dropped 1/3rd."

Yesterday he confirmed that my trainer, Rusty, knows what he is talking about. "
For great abs--and to protect your back--do 60-second planks instead of sit-ups."

If you aren't following this guy you're really missing out on some great info!

I am really excited to see my nutritionist today. I can let her know I am 33 days free of soda. I did want a Coke Zero so bad I could taste it and I think I am 10 days without WaWa coffee. I can't wait to tell her about my blood pressure as well!

Peace Out!

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