Sunday, March 21, 2010

Never Again

Thursday was the first day of our 2 day staff meeting and I love staff meetings. I work in a satellite office by myself so getting a chance to be with my other colleagues is always something I look forward to...I know I am the only person in the world who loves a staff meeting.

Flash back to the January blog about my staff meeting where I was so great and didn't eat anything bad and promised my trainer that I wouldn't do happy hour. Well none of that happened this staff meeting. I was a disaster and it was disgusting. I ate a dessert at lunch, reeses pieces, jelly bellies and swedish fish for snack time. I attempted to do happy hour but my body started shutting down 2 beers into it. It was the most bizarre thing ever. I started sweating, I had to sit down and I couldn't focus on what anybody was saying and all I thought was I am going to die and I don't want to do it in public. I asked my colleagues if they would mind if I left and they could tell I didn't feel good and kept saying "it is great your body is rejecting this stuff." Ummmm, it sure didn't feel great at all.

I got home and made it to bed and prepared to die. I literally felt that bad. I threw up and then prayed to God my old prayer but substituted "never eat sugar" with "never drink again" if he allowed me to live. I finally passed out in a sugar coma. The next morning I woke up and still felt like crap. I could barely function in staff meeting. I had to exercise to get this crap out of my system so Rusty, who had no clue what I had done, said I could do my three miles early. I then had to go represent a teacher at a late meeting and was so worried I would pass out in the meeting. One former colleague fell asleep in a meeting with administration and notice I said former.

I felt my biggest accomplishment of my life was living through the day and making it home. I went over to my neighbors and almost threw up when I saw them drinking beer and they're nurses so I told them what I had done. They were so shocked to see me so calm on a Friday night. I was still outta sorts on Saturday but it is Sunday am and I am back to normal......well as normal as I can be and I will never ever misbehave like that with food again! I am pretty shocked at how the food affected my body but more so I am wondering if I felt like that before but just felt it more often. I have really taken in account how my body does feel. I am not a fan of drinking anymore simply because I hate the way it makes me feel and now I can add sugar to the list.

The ironic thing is early on Thursday am my colleague sat beside me and she had a cookie for breakfast. I know she is trying to be good as well and I said "let me go get you something healthy, that cookie will destroy you." I got us a hard boiled egg and fruit. 2.5 hours later I get buck crazy.........WHY? I can think about that for a bit I just know I will never do it again!

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