Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Emotionary is a word that one of my friends made up and we use it from time to time when we're moved by something or if we're getting emotional over something that you feel cheesy about...I am sure Webster's wouldn't take that definition but who cares I am in charge.

I am in the final week of boot camp and I am starting to get emotionary. Last night we had field day that was anything but the field day I thought it was going to be. I didn't expect to have Popsicles and the trash they gave us in elementary school but I didn't expect to be on the Amazing Race park version either but I survived and looking back probably enjoyed it. We had 6 stations and had to run to each of them and do what the envelope said and then on to the next station. We had to find combat men at one of our stations and bring them home. So here I am in the park with a hand full of combat men trying to get to the next station and this gorgeous guy runs past me and just looked at me like WTF. I am pretty sure it looked like I had escaped from the pysch ward!

This morning I had another personal training session and I was so dreading it but once we got started I was fine. I truly regret not doing this earlier in boot camp. He focuses on my form and he knows I hate certain things so he comes up with new exercises and tricks me into doing what I hate but I don't figure out he has tricked me until it is almost over. Try skipping one stair while going up a set of stairs, go back down and then try walking up skipping two stairs. BossLady told me last fall that I would love having a personal trainer. I had one before but not like this that I really enjoyed working out with....remember "AFB" friends? I already scheduled another session for Monday. I did it before the back and knee pain kicked into gear. I texted him back "thanks for everything you've done" and he texted back "thank yourself for what you've done and how far you've come. so proud of you."

Dawn and I were talking about our group this morning and how it is almost over and it did make me emotionary. Our class is amazing and just has really neat personalities. There is no way I could do Biggest Loser even though I think Rusty is a cross between Bob and Jillian but if I had to vote somebody off I would be in hysterics. I probably would've gotten voted off last night for my temper tantrum when I realized it was Amazing Race and not the crab walk relay races.

I could care less what the scales say on Friday night. I am excited to see what the inches are and how long I do hold the plank but regardless I am pretty proud of us. We've not been perfect at all but we're not on the verge of AA, my blood pressure is normal and our eating habits have changed but more importantly we're physically active and like Dawn and I were talking about this morning we feel the best we've felt in years.

Last week I had the annual dreaded Dr. visit and she was asking why my weight was down (she couldn't say how much because remember I am not finding out until Friday) and she wanted to know what was up and I told her. She was already familiar with Endorphin Fitness but not the boot camp aspect and she was blown away. She is a huge runner and I told her I hated it with a passion but I am trying it out and she looked at me dead in the eye and said "Robin, you've got a lifetime to learn to love it and at one point you will fall in love with but you've won. You've won the battle in your mind and body to get healthy and do this and it is a battle people lose every day and because of that you now have a lifetime to learn to love it." She was so happy and proud of me that day that I didn't have the heart to tell her I am pretty sure love and running will never come out of my mouth in the same sentence but I've learned in my life never say never and once I get this down I will be up for the next challenge.

More to come this week...tomorrow is rock climbing 2.

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M Rosen said...

Robin, I sort of hate running too! I say sort of because it is growing on me. I first ran the 10k about 3 years ago and I hated training for it and I always complained about having to run. People would look at me like I was crazy and asked me "well, why are you doing it then?", as if I was also stupid for engaging in something that made me miserable. And I really didn't have a good answer for them.

I recently came across a quote that I think neatly describes why I take on the challenge of running. It is a quote by JFK-- in his speech he is talking about sending man to the moon, but I think the quote neatly describes why we take on challenges (I am paraphrasing slightly):

"We choose [to do these things] not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win."

I think your doctor is right- you're already winning! keep up the good work.