Monday, February 8, 2010

An Afternoon with Tina

so I arrived for my consultation with Tina and it was much different than when she spoke to our class. Redhead showed up and it was an adventure. I went over what I had been eating for breakfast "The Ellie McMuffin" and she loved it. 3 proteins and a carb. She wants me to have a mid morning snack of fruit and nuts specifically almonds or walnut halves. For lunch she wants me to have protein, veggie and maybe a carb. I told her for lunch I had chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes and cut up avocado and she loved it. She wants me to add a mid afternoon snack of 2 oz of protein and a fruit. For dinner she wants me to have a protein, veggie and a starch i.e. rice and hopefully beans of some type. She cautioned me on corn because of the high glacemic index. NO SNACKS after dinner = buzz kill.

Here are the bits of information she gave me.

1. Cheese is 50% saturated fat so be very careful. 1/2 ounce of cheese = protein.
2. I can only have 2 fruits a day.
3. Take your body weight and divide in half. This is how many ounces of water you're suppose to have a day. If you don't do it you do harm to your body.
4. I can only have 1 cup of coffee. She immediately identified me as Type A and said that we create 80% more adrenaline and that generates so much insulin in my pancreas and my body can't handle it. How horrible is that? If I do have a cup of coffee I am suppose to have 2 cups of water to replace the coffee.
5. I am definitely going organic with my meat. Americans eat 35 pounds of antibiotics when they don't go organic because what is put in animals. Tonight we're starting with organic hamburgers. There was no difference in the cost.
6. I am to focus on lots of veggies and proteins and have a few carbs preferably before 3pm.
7. Bad news on the alcohol. I told her I was going alcohol free for February and she said "it takes your body 1 day to say goodbye to alcohol, 3 months for your brain to get it." Redhead almost choked and I was worried she was going to send us to AA. 12oz of beer, 4 oz of wine and 1.5 oz of liquor all equal 2 fats. Your body absorbs it drop by drop and when it can't absorb any more it stores it as fat. That is why men have beer bellies and all of that good stuff.
8. She recommends all vitamins that are made of whole foods not the store Whole Foods but actual foods, not added chemicals. She is researching one she wants me to take.

It was mind opening and crazy. She could look at you and tell your body type. She asked about our body temperatures. Redhead told her he runs hot so she is limiting his chicken intake. She told us that chicken is a hot temperature food. I am normal so I can eat whatever protein but only have beef maximum 2 times.

I definitely recommend going to talk to someone. Tina is at Whole Foods every other Monday at Ellwood Thompson. What a great service they do for their customers so check your local area.

Happy Shopping!

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