Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Running Night

I know I've been behind in getting this posted but I really haven't been into writing about it because honestly the night sucked and I dealt with it and moved on but I keep getting emails asking about it so here goes.

It all started when Molly sent out the email explaining what the challenge was going to be and you can find that in my archives. I was thrown for a loop when it had us incorporating running into the fitness challenge. I had been drawn to this challenge because it focused on nutrition and fitness so I agreed I would try it and go from there.

Wednesday was the first time we've run as a group. It started off with an intern that runs a 4 minute mile and completes all over the country for running. Immediately my nerves were shot and I just wanted to yell at this guy "i've only ever run in my adult life if we've realized we were almost out of beer and Food Lion is about to close" but he was telling us how not to run...my mind was mush and I was just ready to be outside and trying to get it done. I had major anxiety and my nerves were a hot mess.

It was dark, unfamiliar with the course and honestly couldn't run hardly at all which I knew I wasn't going to be like the intern but I thought I would be better than I was and that just made me want to kill the world. Even my play list wasn't given me the mojo I needed. I actually pretended Jillian was with me on the run and pushing me to make me go faster. I was walking as fast as I could and it helped pretending she was there.

I was a hot mess and felt like my legs weighed 400 pounds a piece. I wanted to quit, I wanted to sit down and throw a temper tantrum and I didn't. Some of the people from boot camp came for the last part...I loved that and made me so glad we don't have to vote anybody off like the Biggest Loser...I really like our group.

The 3 Stooges were all a little "blah" about how we did. I've decided to kick it up a notch to get ready for Monument Avenue. Do I think I will run/jog the whole way...Hell to the no but do I think I will push myself like I've never done before....yes sir!

So I am making some changes and kicking up the focus. I've kinda felt scattered with the rock climbing, group run and realizing I need to kick it up but I think I am on track right now to get a personal best on March 27th!

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