Sunday, February 7, 2010


they're freaking everywhere and I've kicked them all in the arse...except snow cream! I made it out to Target today after shoveling for 2.5 hours (I burned 1865 calories according to and I didn't even go near the beer or food aisle and guess what greeted me when I checked out...if you know me then you know this was about all I could take!!!!!

I shoveled four neighbors walkways plus mine and parking places for them because 1. I need to get in good to make up for the noise that my cookouts have been known to have 2. I needed a good workout 3. I have a pregnant neighbor and 2 old neighbors and 4. My parents were great role models on how to take care of your neighbors. Where I come from your neighbors are your family but hopefully when we thaw out they will think about what I did when they hear some noise from the first spring cookout!

I am trying to forget that one of my neighbors said come on over tonight I am making 2 kinds of chicken wings, cheesecake and I will have that "special lemonade" you like....I said "no offense Mark but I am going to try to forget you exist tonight."

Ok I am off to shower and get comfy before half time. Rock on and I hope you're all having chicken wings, fries and most of all full on homemade ranch dressing on everything!!!!!!!

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