Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have a new crush!

We're in love and I made it official when I signed up to get his live feed twitters. He knows I am following him so I can't get in trouble for stalking.

His name is Dave Zinczenko, who is the famous Eat This, Not That author. I stumbled upon him the other day from yahoo and I followed the link till I got to his twitter account. I love him. In fact I have his updates sent directly to my phone and I only ussally do that for the political candidates that I follow and RedHead when he use to use twitter.

I highly recommend it because he just will randomly send me great advice and it randomly comes when bad things are going through my head i.e. how good would that bacon french onion dip that I ran into while picking up my boring ass Fiber One yogurt. All the sudden Dave will text me a twitter update that says how the FDA is thinking about changing serving sizes because Americans are out of control and it brings me back into focus!

Also, Jillian is on twitter, Tara Costa (BL 7) and couple of other good sites. Highly recommend it!

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Amy said...

He's the best! Even my kids love looking through his book and will remind me of things we have that are or are not on his list ;-)