Wednesday, February 3, 2010

love balls.......

stop thinking perverted thoughts. tonight we did all of work with medicine balls, stability balls and we threw 12/10 pound balls up in the air and then we threw these 4 pound balls on the ground and picked them up with a squat. I had a lot of road rage when I started this class and throwing balls is a great release. A few of those balls had a few faces on them and god it felt good to smash them into the ground. I loved every minute of class and didn't say one bad word to Rusty. I will admit one time when he corrected my form that my tongue flew out when he walked away but no bad words were spoken tonight.

we did 2 circuits and each circuit we did 2 reps of 15 on 6 activities that involved some sort of ball took a water break and then we did it again. I loved tonight's class. I can already feel it, I worked up a sweat and I really hope we do this class again.

We had circle time and talked about our successes and if we were worried about anything. I just wish this snow would go away so I could get outside and focus on the Monument!

The 3 Stooges came back here and cooked pork tenderloin, corn and a strawberry spinach salad. No wine was had and I feel like a rock star.

Peace out I am tired and I have to go do cardio in the am. I heart boot camp!

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